Data sharing

Authors are encouraged to make the research data that support their publications available but are not required to do so. The decision to publish will not be affected by whether or not authors share their research data.

This policy applies to the research data that would be required to verify the results of research reported in articles published. Research data include data produced by the authors (“primary data”) and data from other sources that are analysed by authors in their study (“secondary data”). Research data include any recorded factual materials that are used to produce the results in digital and non-digital form. They may be tabular data, code, images, audio, documents, video, maps, raw and/or processed data.

The data that are not a subject to public disclosure may be delivered as follows: deposited in science data repositories with limited access or preliminary anonymised. An author can also publicly deliver metadata only and/or description of the method of access to the data under requests from other scholars. The preferred mechanism for sharing research data is via data repositories. Please see for help finding research data repositories.