Instruction for authors

Manuscripts submitted to the journal have to adhere to its scope and fields. Research papers are expected to be complete and sound description of significant work, presented clearly and concisely. Critical reviews are commissioned by the Editor-in-Chief. Authors intending to offer critical reviews are asked first to contact the Editor-in-Chief. The authors are fully responsible for the content of their publications and the opinions expressed in them. Paper will not be accepted if plagiarism ( and/or redundant/overlapping text recycling are detected (Text recycling, also known as self-plagiarism, is the case when sections of the same text appear in more than one of an author’s own publications
The publication of a manuscript does not mean that the views and position of the author are shared by the Editorial Board.

Journal template

Authors of manuscripts have to strictly follow the SEPRM Template.
Generally, the work has to contain the following items:

  • Title of the work and authors, including their affiliation. Authors’ ORCIDs may be added;
  • Abstract – not longer than 300 words, focused on the most important issues, discussed in the paper;
  • Introduction adequate references to previous work of other scientists have to be given and clear statement of the aim of the work, presented in the manuscript;
  • Concise but sufficient description of the theoretical basis (if necessary), materials and methods used;
  • Results and discussion, including comparison of experimental results with the findings of other authors;
  • Conclusions – not repeating the abstract and reflecting the corresponding research results;
  • Acknowledgements – optional;
  • References.

Please, strictly follow the template!

Submission of manuscripts
Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief together with a covering letter briefly describing the work proposed.
– By post at the following address: University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria Prof. Boyan Kamenov Str., No 1 (for SEPRM);
– Electronically (preferable) to e-mails:,, or using the form on this site.

The average number of weeks between article final submission and publication is 12.
All articles accepted for publication in the SEPRM journal after double-blind peer-review by 2 rewires will be published free of charge for authors, no any author-facing fees.